Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Steady Gaze
8x10 inches, acrylic

Oh good grief, I have been so sick sick we got home from Mexico.  Bronchitis, that led to such violent coughing that I lost my voice.  It's only now that my vocal cords are starting to work again.  The sound ain't pretty, but I can make myself understood, and the coughing is slowing subsiding.

So, yesterday I felt good enough to go to the studio and get out the acrylic paint.  My goal was to paint much looser than usual, something a little wild and colorful.  I rather like this lady, though I think I can push the loose and abstract look even more.  

Time will tell.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tarahumara Woman

I see that I never posted any more photos from our February trip to Costa Rica.  I certainly meant to, but then the hard drive on my computer died, and then the repaired machine had to be returned to the shop to fix my iPhoto program and email.  And then we had another trip.

This time we spent eight days on a group escorted trip to central Mexico, including a train trip through Copper Canyon.  It was a beautiful journey, full of stunning scenery, and I learned more about parts of the country I had never seen before. 

This photo is of a young Tarahumara woman at Copper Canyon, weaving a pine needle basket. 

The only unfortunate part of the trip was that I somehow caught a really awful cold that settled in my chest.  The 8,000 + altitude and wood smoke everywhere didn't help my breathing at all.  I'm afraid I didn't enjoy the experience as much as I wanted because I felt so lousy.  Now my husband has caught the same bug.

But we are home now, and are able to rest and drink hot tea.  I'm sure we'll be OK pretty soon.