Friday, November 25, 2016

Pepe For Julia Kay Portrait Party

8x10 inches colored pencil on toned paper

I love working on toned paper.  I have a spiral bound tan paper notebook that I used for practice pieces, and portraits for an online group in which I occasionally participate.  This drawing was completed in colored pencil for that group. It was an excellent reference photo, with dramatic shadows and a full range of values.  Apart from that I have felt a little high strung lately, and I enjoyed his peaceful look. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

(Somewhat) Loose Moose

11x15 inches, acrylic and crayon - "Loose Moose"

The last few weeks I have been watching YouTube video demonstrations by artist Robert Joyner, a man I met at Dillmans a few years ago. Joyner has a friendly and low key personality, and a loose and energetic style of painting that appeals to me very much. He teaches classes, and has a series of "how to" videos that he recently began providing for free. Free - that is pretty much a dream come true for me.

At any rate, I decided to paint over a failed abstract, and attempt a looser style than usual, using larger than my usual brushes, not much concern for realistic color, more layers, some scribbled crayon work.  While I thought I was looser while working on this guy, once he was finished, I didn't think he looked especially loose.  Still.  I like him well enough.