Saturday, May 20, 2017

Forty Days, Forty Nights

It has been dribbling, hailing, storming, pouring.  We're soaked.  There's a big maple at the back of our property that lost a large limb in a wind storm, and while the good news it that the limb missed the fence, the bad news is it smashed all sorts of bushes and spring ephemerals. This graceful jack-in-the-pulpit was laying flat, so I brought it inside for a closer look.

Why did I never do this before?  Such elegance and grace in a simple plant.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

In the Japanese Garden

A week or so ago I went for a walk in the Japanese garden at our local botanical gardens.  This part of the garden is always cool and quiet. I was delighted to find a magenta azalea blooming. 

                                              “Instructions for living a life.
                                                Pay attention.
                                                Be astonished.
                                                Tell about it.”
-- Mary Oliver

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sandro for JKPP

Sandro - colored pencil

I keep thinking I am going to be more experimental with my portraits for Julia Kay's Portrait Party, but in the end I muck about with some contour drawings, some doodles, then go back to working quite realistically.  I think I'm getting better at achieving a good range of values with colored pencils.  Sometimes I use warmer colors, but this time I just used back, white and indigo. I basically eliminated the background, starting quite dark at the top to contrast the hat, and light at the bottom to contrast the shirt.