Sunday, March 11, 2018


It has been more than a month since I've posted here.  Most of my life has been centered on health issues.  I had a biopsy on a suspicious spot in my abdomen that happily turned out to be benign, so the plan here is to forget about cancer as much as possible until my next checkup in June.  My hair is growing in and looks sort of radically stylish, and I think the nerve damage in my feet from chemo is improving, little by little. 

With the scary health concerns on the back burner for now, I've been doing more of what I enjoy, reading, getting outside, and playing around in the studio. This little eight by eight in inch oil was actually based on an online demonstration. The idea of the demo was that its easy to use large brushes on small paintings.  I went out and got myself a no. 18 bright brush (similar to a flat but with shorter bristles) and gave it a go.  To tell the truth the big brush was only for the background; the details on the orange were done with smaller brights, sized 10 and 12.  Still, it was a way I don't usually work, and following the steps on the online demo was interesting.

Other than these things, I'm looking forward to getting my cataracts fixed this month.  Little by little it is getting harder to see in low light and drive a night, to say nothing of reading subtitles on foreign films.  And when we go on our Caribbean cruise in April I want to see as well as possible. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Downtown, 8x10 inches, oil

This is my most recent small painting, a very stylized view of downtown Janesville.  I don't often paint landscapes, but I was playing with applying filters to some of my reference photos, and decided I rather liked this view. It's not very big, more of a study really.  I enjoyed the simplified shapes and intensified colors here, though whether it's great art or not I do not know.  Actually I do know.

I spent most of January finishing up my radiation treatments here in town, and then doing a series of four more treatments in Madison.  I am happy to report that they seem to have gone well, and that I am feeling very well and my hair is regrowing, although it is very short.  I'm still wearing a cap most of the time, just to keep warm.  I am reassured though, that I am not destined to be bald forever.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Winter Bridge

21x21 inches, oil on canvas
Winter Bridge

I finished this painting yesterday.  It had been close to done for more than two weeks, but I just ignored it until I realized that it was quietly driving me a little crazy sitting there unfinished.  The subject matter is the Japanese bridge at out local botanical garden.  I took the winter photo several years ago, but then experimented with altering the original photo with a filter program, and cropping the image to a square format.  I painted from the altered photo, and was pleased with the results.  This painting is larger than I usually work, and a departure from figurative work. I'll take it to the gallery tomorrow.