Monday, October 29, 2018

Irene, For Julia Kay's Portrait Party

8x 10 inches, colored pencil on toned paper

I have been under motivated to work on art lately.  I'm not sure why, except in a vague way.  I started an acrylic painting of fall trees before our Iceland trip, but have managed to ignore it nicely.  My attitude lately is that a new painting is just something more to have to haul out to  show (then remember to pick up again), or something to store in the closet.  Bad attitude, eh?  If I actually started working on it, I'd most likely get involved and everything would be fine.  

But I also have been relatively low energy lately, the result of anemia which is a side effect of chemotherapy.  Anyway, I decided that I'd just do another portrait for an online group I've been a member of for several years.  I probably should have pushed the values more, but part of me likes the softness of this portrait.  Her blouse is actually dark, but I decided to make it light so the area of highest contrast is near her face.  I also went back to a technique I used before, using a rubbing plate to add texture to the background.  At least I did some art, a welcome break from too much reding or watching recorded movies on television.

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laura said...

Hi Sherry. I always love your portraits, and I too, like the softness of this one; lends it an antique quality.
I have struggled the last couple of years keeping up my interest in making art. Last winter, living with my mom, I found making pencil sketches of faces from Sktchy very absorbing ... they're not so good, but it was good to do them!
Best wishes as you continue to heal.