Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Fashions, Then and Now

The robins may be wishing they had delayed coming home to Wisconsin, because as forecast, it's snowing. We drank our morning coffee by the fireside in a scene that looked more like Christmas than Easter. I took the picture here through the window, with the silk forsythia blooms in the foreground, because the only flowers are artificial around here. The yellow crocus is buried.

A couple days ago I did my bit to boost the economy by heading to the local mall to buy a buttery yellow purse and a yellow shirt that cried out "spring" to me. The purse is, no doubt, impractical since it will show every coffee spill and bit of dirt, but it looked cheerful to me. When we kids were young, Mom and Grandma made sure we had new good outfits twice a year, Christmas and Easter. Easter outfits always included lightweight coats in candy colors, powder blue, cotton candy pink, and even a red trapeze one in the 1960's. We wore hats, and (I had forgotten) gloves.

It seems to me that all this stopped sometime in the 1970's. In our family casual attire became the rule all the time, only Grandma holding out and dressing up in her best for family dinners. This year for Easter we're staying home, and my yellow purse and top will be the only nod to the season.


Teri C said...

Okay, I admit it, I gleefully watched the weather this am and saw ALL that snow that is currently falling on you. It will be a white EAster for sure. I don't think the Easter bunny likes the midwest-too snowy to bring his eggs in.

Sherry said...

Yes, there isn't going to be much Easter egg rolling around here. Is it too late to head to Arizona?

MissDaisyAnne said...

I have good memories of my Mother sewing an Easter dress for me, + I had to have matching shoes and a purse. Mother continued to sew Easter dresses for me until I was a young adult and then she could not remember how to sew anymore.

Margaret Ann said...

What a treat to see your pics..they are priceless...and bring back fond memories I am sure...Sorry about the snow...I was just watching all about it in the weather channel...and no, its never too late to come to Az! It' 85 degrees right now!

Thanks for the pysanky comment on my blog too...they are so beautiful and it's nice to know people are aware of them! :)