Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1924 Violet Postcard and Poem

1924 postcard

Today we had a thaw, and most of the snow banks disappeared for the first time since Thanksgiving.  I went out without a coat, and nearly shouted with happiness.  This little poem was probably written for children, but just thinking about colors after all the gray and white around here made me smile.

by Christina Rossetti

What is pink? a rose is pink
By a fountain's brink.
What is red? a poppy's red
In its barley bed.
What is blue? the sky is blue
Where the clouds float thro'
What is white? a swan is white
Sailing in the light.
What is yellow? pears are yellow,
Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? the grass is green,
With small flowers between.
What is violet? clouds are violet
In the summer twilight.
What is orange? Why an orange,
Just an orange!


Margaret Ann said...

WoooHoo! I can just picture you doing that very thing...Love the card to pieces! :)

Robyn said...

The little poem made me smile and transported met to Spring - a great place to be!