Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scenes from the Market

I took these photos (all altered a bit) Saturday at the Madison Farmers Market.  It was mobbed, like a rock concert.  We shuffled along in the sunshine, ogled the tulips bloomed around the square, and blue sky reflected in the bank building windows, bought bakery (apricot and date bars), cheese, and a pot of parsley.  

That's all to report.


laura said...

It's amazing how alike the flowers are! It's like a pop art painting.
Sounds like a fun day out. Wisconsin cheese--yum!

Arpita said...

How lovely... the flowers look too perfect! :)
I have blog rolled you.. i hope you dont mind... you run a very pretty place here..

Eloise said...

Beautiful pictures, Sherry! Looks like a lovely day for such an outing.

Rayne said...

Beautiful flowers! I agree with Laura, it does look like Pop Art.