Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Go At It - and a poem

21x16 inches, watercolor and gesso on Yupo

Yesterday's poppies swirled down the drain, and these sunflowers have taken their place. It's probably just wishful thinking, since we haven't had much sun here in days. I'm finding the black gesso to be problematic. Using a skewer or stick puts down too much, and it doesn't dry very well. Part way through the process I switched to a small brush, and I think I outlined too much. It's staying the way it is though.

I spent part of yesterday out shopping for a new palette. I have a small plastic one I like very much, since it has a space in the lid for stashing paints, brushes, or whatever else I want to haul off to painting session. The problem is that a couple of the paint wells have developed cracks, and are currently mended with duct tape. I don't want to ditch this one until I have to, but the day is coming.

I also visited an artist co-op in a nearby town, since one is opening here soon. I have paintings and mixed media pieces in a local gallery, though nothing has sold in the last year. Questions arise. Do my pieces not sell because they are not appropriate for this market? Because they are not high enough quality? Because the local economy is suffering? Should I try the co-op, even though there is a monthly financial commitment, and an obligation to work a certain amount of hours each month? Should I just try selling online instead ? Right now I just don't know.

Drama on a Sunday Afternoon
by Donnajean Durkin (The Wisconsin Poets Calendar)

The storm took an hour
to serve up a decent-sized rain.
Whirlwinds huffed and puffed,
choreographing my lilies
like ballerinas in a pas de deux.

As I ran to close the windows
the downpour arrived,
stalking across the stage
of our meadow -- a villain,
a Boreas, in thunderous attire.

Returning, I sat on the porch
to watch the histrionics, when
the contrary performers
flew off to the east.

Play-acting was over.


Teri C said...

I like this one too even though it took the place of the one I like yesterday. lol Very strong colors of my favorite flowers.

laura said...

I like the composition of this sunflower painting, and how the heads are turned in all directions! But I'm feeling sad about the poppies--I liked the red-black-white color scheme and all the negative space ... But then again I think it's a good exercise for us painters to dispose of a few now and then!