Friday, February 4, 2011

Black and White

Bucky, our solar powered cat, has been spending lots of time recharging her batteries in sunny spots on the carpet.  I keep thinking I should paint her in all of her poses around the house, but I need to catch her with her eyes closed, or the camera is just too fascinating, and she leaves her pose. 

Maybe it's the lack of color outside, all the shades of white, blue-gray, brown, and black in the winter landscape, but I have been enjoying making small (4x4 inches) collages with a limited palette.  Most of the time I've been working on Bristol vellum, but these recent ones are painted and collaged on small squares of styrofoam, salvaged from packages of hamburger or chicken.  The resulting tile has a nice dimensional quality that looks good floated in a shadow box style frame.


Karen Blados said...

I think we have a solar powered dog!

Novelty Pens said...

Love the Cat photo... simple, peaceful!