Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dreaming of Sun

The weather all around the country has been very unseasonable, around here cool, overcast, drizzly.  I had planned to start getting outside to paint, but circumstances have conspired against me.  There's the weather of course.  But also I decided to economize on a french easel by buying one on eBay.  I won the auction, then waited and waited.  Finally I got an email from the seller saying his house had been hit by a tornado, that the easel was OK (like I cared at after he told me a tree was in his living room), and that when his car was fixed he'd mail the easel.  Sigh. Bad luck for him, but I find myself hoping he can find a way to get to the post office so I can get practicing for an upcoming plein air event. 

In the meantime I have been doing a little watercolor work.  I was reading a couple how-to books by Charles Reid, trying out his approach to painting people.  I don't think I'll ever come close to the way he paints, but I did have a good time with this.  I am afraid I borrowed the source photo from someone on Flickr, then didn't keep the link, so this sun worshiping lady will have to stay in my practice notebook, since I don't know who to ask for permission.  I liked how her arms framed her face, and the strong shadows and highlights.


Helen Shideler said...

Dreaming of the sun - we are also dreaming of the sun in New Brunswick - cold, rainy and figgy. Your painting says it all - you have captured a moment

Painting workshop said...

The woman in the painting looks great! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

Ann's Art said...

That's a really excellent painting Sherry. Keep up the good work.