Thursday, April 26, 2012

Face Book

I belong to a small group of artists who meet once a week to work together, chat, critique and generally keep each other company. Sometimes we meet at a senior center, and when that place is booked with big events we meet at a local gallery to paint, sketch, or even just drink coffee.

Today I was not ready to do any painting, and in fact all week I've been doing other things, mostly electronic in nature - working on a family tree, getting an old laptop ready to recycle, updating my iPod and figuring out how to take advantage of the new features.

Anyway, I wanted to spend my art time doing something, so I grabbed this reference book and decided to just do some modified contour drawings. Some of these are downright scary.

Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists is filled with well lit photographs of men and women of various ages demonstrating a variety of emotions, from several angles.  There are special galleries as well of people wearing all sorts of hats, ethnic headgear, safety headgear, and helmets.  There are galleries of people kissing, and one of people pronouncing phonemes.  There is a section on skulls, both men's a women's, from various angles.  When I have a little time I like to dig out the book and just draw.  I think anyone who like to draw and paint could benefit from these black and white photographs - illustrators, cartoonists, anyone interested in studying faces and expressions.

The past couple months I've been painting small (6x9 inch) watercolor portraits almost exclusively, and I'm not sure why, since I have no interest in doing commissions.

 I painted both of these for the Flickr group, Julia Kay's Portrait Party.  I enjoy the challenge of creating interesting representations of people's faces.  It's something that is very engaging for me, and is not meant for sale.

Tomorrow is the annual fund raiser for UW Rock County, and event held at Rotary Botanical Gardens here in Janesville, Taste Of Culture.  I'm taking four framed watercolors for sale.  There will be art, tasty snacks and things to drink, and music.  Should be fun, and maybe I'll sell something.  Or not.

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Interesting article. and nice faces from you.