Thursday, August 23, 2012

Urban Sketching - More or Less

I have been filling up sketchbooks for a handful of years, sometimes working from direct observation, sometimes from imagination, often from my own photos. I admire people who boldly sit outside drawing in public, especially those who have no problems rendering buildings. bridges, and other man made edifices.   I'm not so confident.

Anyway, there is a group of dedicated direct-observation sketchers in an online group called Urban Sketchers.  The original group was in Seattle, but now there are Urban Sketchers all over the world, and they travel to meet one another.  These folks are good, really good. I decided to join in, even though I am shy about drawing in public (I draw lots of sleeping people in airports and libraries), and my buildings mostly look like they are about to fall down.  So be it.

Last week I drove over to Delavan, WI, to meet my sister for lunch.  Afterward I sat in a park drawing a larger-than-life fiberglass giraffe, erected in the park to commemorate Delavan's history was winter headquarters for several circuses.  My poor critter has legs too short.  I must have been worried I wouldn't fit him in my notebook.  Since I was using a pen there was no going back, only forging ahead. The park also has an elephant and a clown, but they will have to wait for another time.

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