Friday, November 9, 2012

Virtual Paintout - New Brunswick

5x7 inches, oil on paper

Bill Guffy's site, The Virtual Paintout, is a challenge blog that selects a different part of the world each month, and asks artists to visit that area via Google Street View, then paint a scene they find.  This month the area is New Brunswick, Canada.  New Brunswick is lovely, filled with trees and water, with lots of trees, water, and covered bridges.  I'm certain there are people there,  just not many outside.  I gravitate toward scenes with people, and it was a real challenge this time to find folks outside.  Was everyone inside because of the day the photo car chose to visit the area? Was the weather an issue?  Do people in New Brunswick just prefer to stay indoors most of the time?  
Anyway, I had the best luck in Moncton, where I found these women walking, deep in conversation, past a street musician. The challenge, besides finding subject matter I wanted, was simplifying busy areas, like the storefront, which originally had lots of signage, and the shadows on the sidewalk.  In addition, the woman on the left was originally wearing a light green coat that made her blend into the storefront.  So, I needed to make some adjustments.  I may still try a scene with boats, but I'm not making any promises.

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Leslie Hawes said...

I had seen these guys when I was 'googling' around and thought they'd make a good drawing. Glad you did them!
Thanks so much for your comments on my 'Drawing a Day' blog. You used the word 'inspiring' and that gives me lots of warm fuzzies. Thank you so very much.