Friday, March 29, 2013

Kick Back

8x10 inches, oil on paper

This past week I've been in spring housecleaning mode, at least in my studio.  I signed up for an art workshop with Robert Burridge, for the end of May, and I was taking stock of my materials so I don't end up purchasing supplies I already have.  One thing led to another, and I went on a binge of ripping old watercolors I disliked up into some small standard sizes, and covering them with gesso.  

So then I had a pile of 5x7 and 8x10 inch gessoed watercolor papers, and I thought I'd give a go on one of my little vintage photos that I compulsively purchase from my local consignment place.  The original photo of this man, kicked back on his wooden chair, appealed to me, even though it was very grainy and dark.  I think of this as jut a sketch, and if I tried it again I would darken the lower part of the painting more.  But this isn't a huge painting on canvas, and it is what it is.  I like the muted colors and the way the windows frame his upper body.

It may start getting harder to be upstairs in the studio.  At last the snow is starting to melt, and I hear robins in the trees and sandhill cranes flying overhead, making their strange calls.  Pretty soon I'm going to need to migrate outside as well.

Happy Easter to everyone.

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