Monday, January 27, 2014


9x9 inches, paper collage

It's still really, really cold outside.  I dislike going out, and I have needed to do it whether I like it or I don't.  This past weekend I needed to drive twenty or so miles to Whitewater, where the WRAP show was wrapping up after a month.  There was a speaker, people I know and like, and I needed to bring home my painting.  It really was nothing new, a few inches of fresh snow, wintery temperatures, a stiff breeze, but all I really wanted to do was burrow under blankets with something hot to drink, and maybe a good book.  I am getting less and less brave about driving when the snow blows and drifts out on country roads.  When I was younger, I just did it, but after this drive my shoulders were tight and my head ached.  So when I learned my piece was not selected for any special mention, I packed up and left early, skipping the critiques.  All I wanted in the world was to be back home again.

Since then I've been playing with altering papers, and today I decided to do something with some of them.  This paper collage is loosely based on a quilt pattern, "stacked coins."  I set out some orange papers, and some aqua blue for a complement, and just tore them.  After they were adhered, I glazed the entire thing with burnt umber to unify the design, and this is what I got.  It's actually nicer in person, where you can see the textures and metallic paint on some of the papers.  

I like it.  I've been attracted to the colors and patterns of quilts for years, though my interest in sewing is nil.  I like that this square format can be turned a couple ways, and suggest something different each time.  The Princess and the Pea's mattresses?  Books on shelves? CDs?  Pancakes?  Stairways? I like the contrasts of smooth and textured papers, of patterned and plain.  Best of all it took my mind off the cold outside.


JoAnn said...

Just beautiful.

I know what you mean about being less adventurous in this weather....


Laura said...

Sherry, this reminds me of the Gee Bend quilts. wonderful

Monique said...

Very very beautiful, Sherry. I share your feelings about going out in snowy weather! You are having a long and very cold winter this year. Here it is mainly grey, wet and very windy. Not at all like last year, when I almost got used to driving on icy roads or through blizzards. Keep warm!

laura said...

It is really beautiful, Sherry, very pleasing to look at.
We don't get much snow here--this year being an exception--so we're not skilled snow drivers to begin with; back in Dec. I got caught 40 minutes from home in blizzard conditions: it was pretty scary--there were cars in ditches everywhere. Cured me of my complacency!

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

It is really nice to hear from each of you. I'm thinking I may try a series of these, maybe another in the same colors, and then some with a different palette. I think it will look good matted in a plain black frame, rather contemporary, despite its inspiration from a quilt pattern.