Friday, February 21, 2014

King Billy - Monarch Collage

7.5 x 7.5 inches, paper collage
contact me if you are interested in purchasing

Winter has been a beast, long cold, full of treacherous roads, and dim days.  So after I finished Barbara Kingsolver's novel (Flight Behavior) about, among other things, the way climate change is having a lethal effect on monarch butterflies, I decided to create something more colorful than much of my recent work.  The characters in Flight Behavior refer to the monarch as "King Billy", after the royal colors of William of Orange.

The papers in this collage include origami sheets, old magazine pages, sheet music, vintage receipts, and painted tissue paper.  The black part of the wings is acrylic paint, since the tiny white detail work just was beyond me. I started the piece about two weeks ago, then set it aside because we spent a week on the Pacific coast of Mexico.  When I returned to the studio the bright colors spoke to me even more, and I was inspired to finish it up.  This weekend I'll cut a mat for it, and then we'll see where it ends up.

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