Thursday, May 8, 2014

What a Difference a Week Makes

Spring in Wisconsin - if it is variety you're after, we have it. The last weekend of April I drove two hundred miles north to visit my dear aunt, who was turning 86, and to deliver some small paintings and collages to my gallery in Door County.  What I found when I arrived was another dose of wintery weather, cold, wind, and giant ice cakes floating in the chilled soup of Lake Michigan. 

I took this photo a week later here in southern Wisconsin at my local library.  We have green grass, flowers, in a word, spring.  I gotta say, it arrived none too soon.

The only issue for me is that after being pretty much cooped up for the last six months, I am wild to be outside.  I'm walking, working on planning some historic cemetery walks and photographing headstone, pulling weeds and planning my summer flowers.  I'm not doing any art.  I guess it will still be waiting for me upstairs on the next bad weather day.

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