Monday, April 16, 2007

Here Comes the Sun

Today I'm launching my blog with a photo of a daffodil from my garden. Each spring I look forward to the time when the bulbs push through the ground and then burst into a fountain of yellow blooms. They're tough. Squirrels don't bother them. Our recent midwestern spring snow storm didn't crush them. And when I look out the window they make me smile.

I chose a bloom for my first entry to represent my idea for this web log. What better to illustrate my title, "Late B(l)oomer? I was born in 1950, in the middle of the Baby Boom. I grew up as oldest child on a Wisconsin dairy farm, went to a state university, married, then taught middle and high school English for thirty-three years until I retired in 2006. I loved teaching, loved my students, loved literature and writing, but there wasn't much time for other things I loved. Art. Recreational reading. Gardening. Travel at non-peak times. Time to take care of myself. Time to connect with my friends and family.

I'm hoping that this newest phase of my life is a wonderful one, that it's not too late for me to bloom.

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