Saturday, April 21, 2007

Library Love Letter

Dear folks who run my library,

Since it is National Library Week, I wanted to take time to write you a letter to show my appreciation. One of the main reasons I love where I live is that I can walk to the library. In fact, I think of the library as an extension of my house, the annex with all the good books and magazines, music, movies, and even coffee. And everything (except the coffee) is free. I love free.

While the walk to the library is good for me, I love the fact that I can keep my book wish list online, check the catalogue, and reserve book from home. Sitting at my Mac, I can order a book from interlibrary loan at midnight, in my PJs! I love being able to check to see if the Joan Jett CD I wanted (gotta have "I Love Rock and Roll") is available. I love not having to drive to another city to get a book my library doesn't own. Just love it.

I love going to the library for programs and local art shows. I love being able to get coffee and snacks. If I had a newer laptop I'd love the free wireless access.

I love meeting up with people I know at the library. I love the helpful staff who never complain about checking in the back room for a CD that the catalog says is returned, but that is missing from the shelf. Thank you for looking for it.

I hope you all feel appreciated, because you are.




kdbooklady said...

Sherry - I love your blog - I will continue to check it daily - I would love it if you would recommend books (like a librarian :) - anyway, your shelves and blog are the best! I tried to request you to be a friend on Shelfari but for some reason it did not take it. But, will you be my friend (and come up to my bookstore on Washington Island - I head up there on May 16!

Sherry said...

Kathleen, you are the first person to comment on my blog. Thank you! I may post about specific books. I've been thinking I'd occasionally share quotes and comments from books, but I'm not sure yet what this blog will be when it grows up.