Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sidewalk Art

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
- Pablo Picasso

I think I enjoy about being retired is that I can take walks without worrying about what else I should be doing instead.

No more "I should be planning finals."
"I should be cleaning and doing laundry"
"I should be grading that set of ninth grade essays."
"I should be working out."

I have time to keep my house and laundry acceptably clean, and I call my walking working out at least part of the time. I try to remember to take my camera with me just for chances to take pictures like this one. Three little girls in the neighborhood like to do their artwork on the sidewalk. I think their pictures are charming, direct, colorful, honest. They aren't worried if the pictures are good enough, or if they'll sell. They are just a joyous expression of life. That's something to consider next time I start fretting about my own drawing and painting. Sometimes it's good to just relax and just have fun.


Andrea said...

I like your thoughts on being retired and am looking forward to retiring from the military in the very near future. Gonna take very long walks,will remember to take my camera and just enjoy.

Calamity reads said...

Sidwalk art is the best, perhaps you could do some?

I think its sweet what those girls drew and will be credited for them in years to come.