Saturday, June 30, 2007

Farmers Market Saturday

Janesville has a Farmers Market every Saturday in the summer. Today was glorious, sunny and not too hot, so my husband and I headed downtown. It became clear that we have very different objectives for our time at the farmers market. He makes a beeline for whatever he wants to use in meal preparation. I meander, taking pictures, sipping hot coffee, stopping to socialize with people I know. He bought lettuce and tomatoes; I bought parsley and basil plants. He got impatient; I reminded him this was not a grocery store, but rather an event. I think next time we'll go separately.

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Calamity reads said...

I'm not too keen on the farmers market, as we have so many in the UK. I find it very expenive, were i can get it cheaper in my local supermarket.

I do, like trying the free foods they let you try, but then they become a bit too pushy for you to buy something.