Sunday, July 1, 2007

Poetry Sunday

My youngest sister, Mary, and Dad about 1960

One With The Sun
A. F. Moritz

one with the sun
in trackless fields
of yellow grass and thistle, scent
of humid heavy air and the wing music
of bees and flies.

Child, slender
nakedness to itself unknown,
true colour of the light
dispersed invisibly
or glowing around the black hulls
of distant thunderheads, around
the grasshopper’s countenance,
solemn, vigilant and wise.

Green apples, poured full
of density, of crispness, float unmoved
under leaves on the slope. Brown
fallen apples nest
in secret whorls of grass. The apple tree:
alone in so much space. And below
in the woods by the water
a sweet dead branch
cracks lightly
in the shadow in the wind.

But here is an old track
through the grass head-high
to a child: who
made it? They must have
passed and passed by this one tree,
by the abandoned, tireless car
where rabbits peer out, and the circle
of black embers,
cans, springs, skeletons
of furniture. They too
passed here many times
on their way from the street’s end
to the oaks that screen
the river. There
the sun is nesting now, night
rises with pale flutterings
of white wings from roots
of plants and the black water.


sisu said...

Love your blog! Love reading your stories.. How awesome.. If you have children, I'm sure that they'll appreciate the effort that you took in journalizing your thoughts and pictures...
Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog too..

Karin (sisu)

Sherry said...

I don't have any children, but I have a sense that some of these stories and pictures should be shared. Pity my poor nieces and nephews!