Friday, July 13, 2007

Badger State Biking

One nice thing about being retired is that I can take day trips any time I want. Yesterday my husband and I rode part of Wisconsin's new Rails to Trails conversion bicycle trails, the Badger State Trail, between Belleville and Monticello. The trail eventually will link Illinois to Madison, but the last eight miles nearest Madison isn't funded yet. This was a ride I could handle, though it certainly was not challenging for my spouse, who rides everywhere on his bicycle, and routinely goes out for 40 mile rides. This particular ride was flat, nine miles each way, the 1,200 foot Stewart Railroad Tunnel in the middle for some interest. I am not crazy about walking in total darkness (there is a bend in the tunnel), but we brought flashlights, and the cool air in the tunnel was pleasant on a warm summer day. The scenery is classic Wisconsin, fields and streams, farms, trees, wildflowers, and songbirds. We relaxed in a Belleville park by a stream and watched cedar waxwings swooping over the water to catch insects. It was a great day in Wisconsin.

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