Saturday, July 7, 2007

Everyday Matters challenges#26, #125

These summer days, the very same ones that seemed so long when I was a child, seem to fly by. I try to sketch most days, but housework, gardening, and visiting with friends and family here for visits seem to fill my days. Still, I managed to complete a couple sketches for my Everyday Matters drawing group. The first is a mallard drake, photographed at our beautiful Rotary Gardens, and the second is the skull of a whitetail deer. The skull was found by a friend in his woods, and kept as a curiosity. It has one broken antler, and a small shred of skill still adheres to the bridge of its nose. It is a challenging and interesting thing to look at and draw. I'd like to draw other angles before I return it to my friend. Actually, I think it would be fun to draw items found on walks, both for the challenge and for the record of time spent.

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