Saturday, August 18, 2007

Everyday Matters Challenge #128 - A View into a Room

It has been a while since I posted an EDM challenge picture. I become absorbed by projects, like my family history project, and other interests shift to the back burner. I haven't worked out. I've left drawings half finished, books half read.

Anyway, this challenge was "Draw a view through a doorway." The sketch is done with colored pencil, and is a view into our study. This is where I spend hours, reading, working on the computer. It's a comfortable room, but nothing very decorative. In the picture you cannot see my oversized office desk with all my files and my Mac computer. What you can see is our favorite comforatble chair, a gold corduroy Lazy Boy recliner, bought for our first house in 1980. There is the old lamp that came from my grandparents house, that I had rewired by a shop teacher where I taught. There's a little half moon end table for the piles of books checked out of the library, and you can see our bookshelves. The dictionary stand with the huge unabridged dictionary was built especially for us by a friend of my parents when we were first married. It holds our collection of dictionaries, including one my husband published (The Portmanteau Dictionary). We have many books, both of us being English majors in college. One holds mostly classic fiction and cookbooks, the other poetry, drama, and nonfiction. The sketch was hard. I left out the patterned carpet, and didn't attempt the reflections on the varnished wood door. In general I am not confident about my ability to render architectural detail, but I suppose that is a reason to draw that sort of thing more often.


Lynn said...

Wow, this is beautiful! You've done a perfect job on all the little details, like the books and the cushiness of the chair. Well done.

Sharon said...

The reddish colored pencil was the perfect choice for this drawing, Sherry. It makes everything look quite cozy. I wonder if every house in America has one of those Lazy Boy recliners? We have one, a hand me down from my mother, in our TV room. I think they are incredibly ugly, but so comfortable they are hard to part with. I also think we have the exact same lamp, which belonged to my husband’s grandmother. He refuses to part with it (the lamp is also in the TV room).

phthaloblu said...

Great drawing! It's ok to leave things out of a picture. I think this is wonderful the way it is. The patterned carpet may have made things too busy or muddy. Great story to go along with it, too. I have tons of books. Running out of room for them. And I can't part with any of them either.