Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Few More Up North Photos

I spotted this doe at The Ridges Sanctuary near Bailey's Harbor.  She stood for a long time watching me watch her.

Even though I was afraid I was too late to catch the yellow lady's slippers, The Ridges had quite a few still in bloom.

My sister-in-law, a very "green" person, likes to hang her laundry out to dry.  She seems amused when I like to take photos of it, but it's photogenic!

I had every intention of doing illustrated journal entries for these, and I still may.  But this week I'm cleaning the house, doing laundry, and getting ready for a trip to Colorado, so these photos will have to do for now.

Janesville is slowly drying out from recent flooding of the Rock River.  The library parking lot is once more filled with cars, after being cleaned and disinfected. Upstairs FEMA has a display with forms and pamphlets for people affected by the water.  Main street is open again too, though the United Way parking lot, once filled with spawning carp, is now a sink hole.  Some of the Main Street businesses are reopening as they pass inspections and have their power restored, others are still dark.  Yesterday I spotted a vulture circling over downtown - probably looking to dine on some of the carp that didn't make it back to the river before it receded.  Strange days indeed.


Teri C said...

Such lovely photos and memories for me also.

Bwunny said...

Oh I love the doe. What a lovely photo.

I would love to move up to Door County. Sigh


Susan M. Walker said...

These ARE photogenic! Will you creat a journal of all laundry?