Monday, July 7, 2008

Recent Illustrated Journal Entries

Pen and ink with watercolor pencil, from reference photo taken in Door County in June.

Pen and ink with watercolor pencil, from reference photo taken in Door County in June.

I subscribe to a website called "A Word a Day," and this was the quote included from poet Ezra Pound:  "The only thing one can give an artist is leisure in which to work.  To give an artist leisure is actually to take part in his creation."

That got me to thinking about why I have done so little drawing and painting over the past month.  One excuse I've allowed myself is that all my sketchbooks were in a display case at the library.  That's foolish of course, because I went out and bought myself a new Moleskine. A person would think that in summer a retired person like me would have all the leisure in the world to make art.  But instead I have been weeding and planting flower beds, baking rhubarb treats, cleaning out the closets and attic and hauling loads to the Goodwill store, driving north to attend a doll show, visiting relatives, and riding my bike.  I got lots more artwork done when the weather was not so sunny and warm. Still, I have been busy, and for me one aspect of a happy life is being able to do lots of different things.

My other excuse for neglecting my drawing is that my little upstairs studio gets hot and stuffy in the summer.  The air conditioning just doesn't seem to reach that room.  It's not so bad when I can have the window open, but on humid days like recent ones, it gets awfully close.  After our recent flooding, painting outside requires heavy applications of bug repellent, since we have an unusually fine crop of mosquitoes.  

So, perhaps the best thing is not to worry too much about how much I'm producing right now.  I can enjoy the extra space in the attic, and now have some room to store the overflow of paintings I just brought home from the show at the library.  Then I can think about doing some drawing in my leisure time - maybe downstairs at the dining room table, where it's cool and mercifully free of mosquitoes.


Rayne said...

I absolutely love your artwork today. Beautiful!
We have a most voracious crop of mosquitos this year, also. Actual clouds of the little buggers and some of them actually get through the heavy applications of DEET. I've had to abandon my back garden this year, too many mosquitos.
For so many of us creating time seems to come in rounds. A round of drawing/painting/creating, and then a round of just living, doing, and watching. I look at those times as a sort of bank, building up a store of things to draw from for when the creation time comes around again.

Teri C said...

I had to look at that birdhouse three times and try to figure out why you called it a drawing when it is clearly a photo. Awesome!! The car is great also and your sound like me with your summer, doing everything but sketching. But, that's summer :)

Karen Blados said...

These drawings are stunning. I really like your use of selective color on the truck.

I'd agree that the time of year plays a part in creativity. Or should I say productivity? I don't get as much done when the weather is nice because I'm outside most of the day with the kids. Guess that's a pro for winter in Ohio ... hope I remember this in February. lol

Bwunny said...

I love your illustrations. how wonderful. We too love going up to Door county and went up in June. When did you go in June? We went from June 7th until the 14th.

I have also nominated you for the award Brilliant Weblog award. You don't have to participate but feel free too. Just go to my site to see the rules.


Barbara said...

Hi -- I've been lurking for several months and really enjoy your blog. I've chosen you for an award which you can pick up from my blog. Keep up the wonderful work!