Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Sketches

pen and ink, watercolor pencil

In June I drove to Algoma to see my aunt and attend the doll show.  While I was there I went down to the harbor and took more reference photos.  I've loved the harbor on Lake Michigan since I was a child, but little by little the old fishing shanties that once lined the Anapee River where it enters Lake Michigan have been replaced with more modern buildings.  I might not object so much if the new buildings were as low as the shanties they replaced, but these tall pole buildings and condos really lack charm.  I mean to do a painting from my old photos and some historical photos I found, but maybe I don't know enough to make them really right.  I certainly don't know much about boats.

ball point pen, watercolor

I enjoy drawing in airports.  People there are usually oblivious to me drawing them.  They're immersed in a paperback, asleep, on the telephone, or busy with other personal electronics.  I never figured out what device this man was so busy working on. 

pen and ink, watercolor pencil

This heifer was hot and tired at the recent  Rock County 4-H fair.  Most of the cattle were resting the afternoon I wandered through their barn, though the goats were on their feet, begging for attention.  I enjoy drawing animals, love their shapes and angles. One of the things I noticed at the fair was how many animals come in black and white.  Cattle, of course, but also rabbits, chickens, pigs, and even goats.  At home my "tuxedo" cat is always formally attired in black and white, so I guess that color combination calls out to me.


Teri C said...

Oh beautious! I saw these in person except for the hot heifer and they are so beautiful. I just love the Algoma one.

Anita Davies said...

Fantastic pages, especially like the heifer

mARTa said...

All of them are really wonderful!