Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Odds and Ends and Jackalopes

I drew this odd critter from a photo I took on our recent trip to South Dakota.  I had heard of the elusive jackalope, a cross between a killer rabbit and an antelope (or deer, judging from these horns), but I had never seen a flying jackalope, which combines elements of the jack rabbit, antelope, and ring-necked pheasant.  But there in Wall Drug, stood the creature, and I felt compelled to draw it.  An internet search netted me many useful bits of information.  Its Latin name is Lepus Tempermentalus.  Its temperament is normally shy and elusive, though it can be fierce when threatened; watch out for those horns!  You can imagine how quickly one of these animals can move.  If one attacks, do not try to run.  Calmly lay on the ground and hum a non-threatening tune like Happy Trails to You.  

Other news from the home front included our thirty-third wedding anniversary this past weekend.  We drove to Mayville and spent part of a pleasant day bicycling on the Wild Goose Trail, which skirts the Horicon Marsh.  Then we stayed overnight at the historic Audubon Inn, which had a good restaurant attached.  I did real damage to myself with the Almond Joy pie I ate for dessert that night. 

Yesterday I had my final check up with the doctor who treated my detached retina in April. The news was that my eye has healed perfectly and I don't really need to think about it any more. Since we had to drive to Madison for the appointment, we spent the best part of the day going to lunch, shopping, and seeing Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D, complete with funky glasses.  I can't say it was great art, but it was lots of goofy fun.  

As for my talk at the historical society, nobody showed up to hear either me or the other women who dressed up and prepared talks.  We did have a good time telling each other about the notable women we researched, and we had a delicious box lunch.  Oh well.

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Rayne said...

I can't believe no one showed up. They missed out on something wonderful.
When we lived in South Dakota I loved going to the Bad Lands and then stopping at Wall Drug and shopping around. I really enjoyed the physician display.
The dinosaur thing was not a good thing. A bit of an over load for me.