Monday, September 1, 2008

Happiness is Eighteen Different Colors

Linus may be satisfied with eighteen colors, but I can say I always wanted the really big box, the one with three tiers of Crayolas.  These days I want all the colors!  I have drawers filled with tubes of watercolor (though I'm trying to use fewer), boxes of pastels, and most of all I have lots and lots of colored pencils.

I keep my watercolor pencils out on my work area in a couple holders I concocted out of toilet paper tubes glued to a foam core base, then spray painted.  The resulting holder has served me well.  I could make an even bigger one, but I want it small enough to be portable.  The cardboard/foam core holder is lightweight, and helps me keep my watercolor pencils separated by color.  Sometimes pens, pencils, scissors and a utility knife hop in there too.

My colored pencils, mostly Albrecht Durer and Prismacolors, are kept in a zippered three-ring binder, separated by broad categories of color in zippered plastic pouches.  This sort of arrangement has the advantage of making my big collection of pencils easy to sort through quickly, and also easy to transport.  I have a workshop with Kristy Kutch coming up later this month in Lake Geneva, and I know I'll be able to take the whole lot with no fuss at all.

I know I have not posted to my blog very regularly recently, and I won't be posting at all for the next ten days.  We're flying to Oregon, renting a car, and driving the coast.  I'm hoping that the weather cooperates, and that I'll have chances to sketch.  Happy Labor Day to all.


JoAnn said...

Love your organizational hints!

Have a great trip


Rayne said...

I am the same way with colors! I have so many water color pencils, and pastel pencils and different types of crayons. When the family goes somewhere and comes home with souvenir plastic cups the first thing they do is tell me I may NOT use them to hold pencils, brushes, etc. I also like going to second hand and other thrift stores looking for the perfect bowls, cups, plates, etc. to hold my things.