Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Thanks, and a Poem

5x7 inches, acrylic
Nora, 1928

This little painting is of my paternal grandmother, Nora Belle Donaldson Pierce.  I only knew her as an older woman, more than thirty years after this was taken.  I never saw her dressed up like this, in a hat and fur collar, and a rarely saw her smile. My uncle Gene says she worked hard, which could account for how serious she always seemed.

Having no children, no immediate family in the area, we decided to go somewhere warm for a few days, so we're off to Punta Cana.  We've never been there  before, but I suspect the beach isn't too different from other Caribbean beaches.  All I need is my passport, shorts, a swim suit, sun block, books and a sketchbook. Easy.

Before I go I want to thank all the people who have stopped by to leave comments on my blog. It means lots to me to have people take the time to look at my photos or art, to read what I post.  I thankful for each of you and the way you help me feel connected.  I'm thankful for much in my life, a good husband, decent health, time and means to do the things I love.  I'm a lucky person.  

By the way, I posted this painting at a web site called Watercolor Passion.  A man named Maury Kettell posts a water media challenge four times a year, and he posts what people send in to him there.  The current challenge is a painting done with only two pigments.  He is still taking submissions until December 31st.

The poem is for those of you who are preparing a Thanksgiving meal; I hope your families are thankful for your efforts!

For Thanksgiving I Will
by Judy Sepsey in the 2008 Wisconsin Poets Calendar

plan the meal, buy the groceries
thaw the turkey
pull out the napkins,
touch them up with the iron
choose the tablecloths, 
clean the house, move
the tables, set up the chairs,
get out the good dishes and silver,
find the candles I bought
last week, set the table,
find oven space for all
the food, turn on the oven,
change my clothes,
fidget until everyone
comes, because I started
too early and that's all
there is left to do.


MissDaisyAnne said...

Have a wonderful time! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

Laurel Neustadter said...

Sherry, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. This painting is awesome. I love your brushwork. It reminds me of Hopper's style.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Over here (England) we dont make a big issue of Thanksgiving but just wait for Christmas and we all go mad. The poem is so inspiring , reminding me of all the lovely things I shall have to do for my family Christmas dinner together. Actually they are all coming for three days , so I shall get the little ones to help prepare the table on the special day - they do love helping. HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY.

Margaret Ann said...

Ooooh I cab twait to see your Carribean sketches! I absolutely love this portrait ...what a clever idea...very nostalgic...Hope your tropical turkey day was relaxed and balmy!