Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday Scenes, Madison

We're in the middle of Indian Summer, beautiful sunny days after the first frost.  Saturday we decided to take advantage of the weather, so we drove to Madison for the farmer's market.  This scene of the capital, taken from Picnic Point across Lake Mendota, is how I think of the city.

The outdoor farmers market is almost done for the season, only one more week left to stroll around the capital building drinking coffee, snacking on bakery (I'm partial to the cherry rhubarb bars), and filling our bags with gorgeous local produce.

The vendors tend to have a lot of personality.  This man was doing a brisk business selling dried gourds.  Saturday was a day for wearing masks, since the city's Halloween FreakFest was being set up on State Street.

We decided to take a bird's eye look at the day, so we went up to the observation deck of the capital.  These are a few of the statues that surround the dome.

West Washington Avenue and part of the market stretch out beneath us.  Madison is a treasure, a place to shop, attend plays, wander through museums, and find good things to eat.  I just wanted to share a happy day in Wisconsin.

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canoeist35 said...

I keep looking at those peppers! Fantastic. LOL -- Michael