Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Copy Cat, and a Poem

detail from a recent paper collage, rotated

Thanks to Kim Saxe for the idea to look for details in my recent paper collage of the January Virtual Sketch Date.  She had great fun doing this, and I was inspired to try it myself.

Lakes Don't Freeze Even
by Luck Rose Johns, Wisconsin Poets' Calendar 2009

When the breath of winter
stops the lake solid,
the ice doesn't freeze smooth as glass.
Like kids playing frozen tag,
the water is stilled in mid wave.
Cold heavy chunks of white
sculpt a still seascape,
rough as a winter potholed highway.
A smooth surface would only belie
The the rhythm of life underneath.


Barbara Weeks said...

You and Fred's scratchings on Flickr are tempting me try collage. Nicely done! I love both the full image and the close up,

Teri C said...

This is very artistic. I may have to try collage one of these days.

Perfect poem!!

Sharon said...

Oh I love the colors in this, Sherry. And the composition.

laura said...

I have to echo Sharon's comment. And I love the black, it's so luscious!

Kim said...

I love the abstract of this.