Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So True!

Today is Lewis Carroll's birthday, and I decided to post this little clipping I found in a newspaper advertisement.  I had it taped inside my high school locker in the 1960's, later dry mounted to a piece of illustration board and tacked to a bulletin board.  These days I sometimes remember it when I'm slogging along on the treadmill. Certainly in my life if I don't keep on keeping at it - whatever "it" is - I start to fall behind. Whether it's reading, drawing, painting, or trying to keep reasonably fit, unless I persist, I lose ground.  A high school wrestler in one of the classes I taught once said that his philosophy was that you are always one of three things:  falling behind, staying the same, or making progress.  I hope I don't fall behind in the things that are important.


Margaret Ann said...

This is just great...actually just the way I feel today! How timely! Why did I have more time in my life when I was working??? LOL:)

laura said...

Well, I'm glad "making progress" is at least one of the options (in theory!). I'm a one-step-forward, two-steps-back kind of gal myself.