Saturday, April 25, 2009

From My Garden

5x5 inches, acrylic on canvas

I enjoyed painting the rhododendron buds so much I decided to try painting flowers from my own garden.  My yard has many mature trees, so most of the year there isn't much sun.  But in early spring I have lots of bulbs and spring ephemerals.  The bloodroot is blooming, and the Virginia bluebells. But my favorite is all the daffodils, enough to cut freely.

Here's a different poem, from the 2009 Wisconsin Poets Calendar.  I haven't seen any salamanders yet, but I've heard the spring peepers.

by Joan Wiese Johannes

A current tickles my toes
as lightly as the twinkle of a star.
Rain has awakened salamanders.
They are crawling toward me, 
climbing through rich earth.


Teri C said...

It is wonderfully springy!! Soon I will be seeing some in my own yard.

Laurel Neustadter said...

Love the color scheme - the yellow and red are very eye catching.