Saturday, September 26, 2009

End of September Notes, and a Poem

spotted in a consignment shop

No news to report. It's rainy, cool, and the garden flowers, even the nursery mums are looks pretty ragged. The maple is starting to shed its leaves more quickly now. The hummingbird has apparently packed his wee bags and headed south, so the feeder needs to come down and be cleaned and put away. I'm slowly bringing the potted plants inside after their summer in the sun. The cat has discovered the spider plant, so it needs a new spot. It' ll need to be hung from a hook, since the cat has found nothing so tall it cannot be leaped upon.

I've been experimenting with acrylic paints with mixed success. There is nothing I'd care to show anyone else yet. I'm scheduled for a workshop in November, so I want to be familiar with my materials and not come in completely unprepared.

After the Heat of Late September
by David R. Clowers in Wisconsin Poets' Calendar 2009

After the heat of late September
the leaves have given up
their struggle to be green, and have settled
for the relief of red, yellow, and orange.
They have abandoned all
their possible winter hangouts,
having been enticed, perhaps,
by the same devious breeze
that previously sold a gaggle of geese
on a timeshare resort, somewhere
far to the south from here.


JoAnn said...

I want want want that rooster pitcher. Love it! I never see anything good like that.

laura said...

... And I'll take the apple-like thing! When I was visiting my friend in Boscobel, we went to the most fabulous consignment shop--great stuff. I bought some large unwieldy things and left them for my poor friend to figure out how to mail them to me!

Bonnielynn said...

I don't visit antique shops anymore..........I don't know why becuz I love to look at all the treasures they would hold.
Love the rooster.