Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mixed Media Series

11x11 inches, mixed media

All summer I have been experimenting with using tiles made from recycled styrofoam meat trays. Sometimes I paint them with acrylics and add collage elements like rice or tissue paper, and sometimes I add gold leaf. This series features skeletonized leaves and old bird cards, the sort that used to come in baking soda boxes. This one features a red-eyed vireo. The tile is just 4x4 inches, but framed with a wide border I think they make nice accent pieces. To help keep framing costs down I get leftover pieces from a friendly framer for a much reduced price. This mat has a nice linen texture.

1 comment:

Bonnielynn said...

very cool ! What a unique use of styrofoam trays ! What we wont use in our art, huh?