Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Experimenting: Green Vase

5x7 inches, acrylic on canvasboard

I'm back playing around with acrylic techniques. Jana, another blogger, commented on how much she enjoyed a videotape by artist Jackie Miller entitled 16 Acrylic Painting Techniques. I ordered the tape via our excellent interlibrary loan system, and watched it in four viewings - four techniques a day. While I did not make a sampler illustrating the techniques as Jana did, I took notes and I've begun trying to incorporate some of Miller's techniques in my work.

Here is another little painting I did after reading a newsletter from acrylic artist Robert Burridge. It's a exercise in color combinations, with this one being based on a yellow green. He used cad green, but I mixed what I had. I incorporated some of the techniques from the Miller tape, including scratching out, using glazes made from paint and matte gel medium, and stenciling. I may experiment with using oil paint over the acrylic in a few places later on.

Note to self: Wear the apron you bought so that you don't mess up another good tee shirt with paint that does not wash out!


Charlene Brown said...

Great post, Sherry. I was inspired by your enthusiasm (and the larger than life blow-up of your painting showing your wonderful brushwork) to give acrylics another try... But then your 'note to self' reminded me of all the collateral damage. I think I'd better stick to watercolour, and hope to follow and enjoy your continued experiments.

Sharon said...

Luscious colors, Sherry. It's vibrant!

Margaret Ann said...

MMMM such delicious rich greens!