Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Caleb, in Tyvek

10x14, watercolor on Tyvek

I ordered a package of Tyvek from a blueprint company, and have been playing with quarter sheets to get used to the texture.  This portrait is of a New York City musician and composer who is also my former student from middle school English class - Caleb Burhans.  He is better looking than this attempt suggests, and the painting is better too.  No matter how I played, I couldn't adjust the color to look like the original, which is softer than this.  I like working on the Tyvek, which just does not buckle, and has an interesting surface texture.  Unlike Yupo, which is slick and from which it is easy to lift color, the watercolor settles into the little fivers of the Tyvek, and which it lightens, it never goes back to white.  So, planning is necessary.

This is a another experiment on the synthetic paper.  I had played around all afternoon with creating background texture, didn't like any of it, and scrubbed as much out in the sick as I could manage.  Then I decided to just draw over the top with watercolor sticks and pencils, and I like that effect better.  I also used plastic tapestry mesh to create more texture to the right of the hog.

I have a whole package of the Tyvek to try, so you may see more soon.

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JoAnn said...

I remember when you first mentioned Tyvek, a long time ago, and I got some mailing bags from the post office.

I love the look of these paintings, an almost weathered feel, due to the fibers.

I bet that the lumber company in your town sells Tyvek.