Monday, January 25, 2010

Button, Button...

6 x 6 inches, colored pencil and graphite

This is a small colored pencil piece I complete in 2008, after a workshop with artist Kristy Kutch.  It was fun at the time, and I was pleased enough to plan a companion piece.  After my mother's death I inherited her tin of saved buttons, and I thought using the repeated shapes would be interesting, and also a tribute to her and her sewing.

Silly me.

This is the companion piece, started in 2008, set aside until yesterday, finished today.  I'm not sure why I could not bring myself to finish this picture for so long.  I think it is like when I ate so much salt water taffy at the county fair a few years ago that even thinking about the candy makes me queasy.  All those little circles were driving me up the wall.  But I took myself in hand and sat down last night, vowed to finish it so I could clear off part of my workspace.



Charlene Brown said...

I know that feeling of not being able to finish something special -- or even get it out and work on it -- for fear it won't turn out anywhere near as well as the original inspiration... but isn't it great when you finally do get back to it and it turns out beautifully?
Not just Done - Well Done!

Carol said...

Beautifully done, nearly photographic in color and detail.

Ann said...

Absolutely beautifully done! And it is a lovely companion to your previous button piece. I have projects like that too though, that sit and sit. Sometimes I eventually finish them, sometimes not.