Friday, April 2, 2010

Blooming Bowl and a Poem

Altered photo, from a trip to the florist

April has brought my daffodils up out of the ground, and the lilac leaves are the size of mouse ears.  We could use some moisture in the back yard to green up the grass, though.  Today we're planning a field tip to Racine to see the Watercolor Wisconsin show.

April Rain Song
by Langston Hughes

Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.

The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk.
the rain makes running pools in the gutter.
The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night--

And I love the rain.


Teri C said...

Beautiful composition. Sounds like it's time to think about heading back to Wisconsin!

laura said...

... And I love Langston Hughes. Thanks for this beautiful poem ... it's raining here right now!