Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting Out: Rotary Gardens in Bloom

magnolia tree, Janesville's Rotary Gardens

Today is one of those perfect spring days in the Midwest, cool, sunny, calm.  Spring flowers are bursting into bloom all over the neighborhood, including my yard (along with the creeping violets and dandelions).  But I talked Dick into a walk to Rotary Gardens.  I had to find our membership card, buried in the desk over the winter, but I located it and we set off.  The local botanical garden is about a mile from our house, so walking there, wandering through the various gardens, and walking back is a bit over two miles.  It was a perfect walk to walk off our breakfast.

an early blooming hellabore - I think it's a Lenten Rose

some sort of weeping tree - a cherry?

a robin at the base of a forsythia

spring tulips and daffodils

by Barb Cranford, in the Wisconsin Poets Calendar

If you don't stand idle at the study window
on a chore-laden spring morning
filled with bills, laundry, and house-cleaning,
you won't see a fat old woodchuck
ease around the bottom step of the porch
or four deer skip through your greening woods
just beyond the chickadee-busy birdbath.

1 comment:

Teri C said...

Oh my gosh, time to come for sure.
We are leaving here the 26th, hope things are still blooming.