Saturday, June 26, 2010


5x7 inches, watercolor, rice paper, tissue paper collage

I did a couple collages in my recent workshop that didn't ring my chimes, and since they were in 300 lb. Arches paper, I just ripped them into small shapes and tried again on the back side.  I have wanted to try something with puffins since we visited Ireland a few years ago.  We took a little boat out to Skomer Island and saw zillions of the little clown-faced puffins.  The island is a sanctuary, so they were fearless, flying in and out of nooks and crannies in the rocks, often with their beaks loaded with little silver fish.  As cute as they are they smell to heaven of fish.

Anyway, I decided to paint this little guy in watercolor from a reference photo, then this afternoon I added some rice paper in the rocks and black tissue in the background.  Actually, I added some back acrylic ink to the bird to deepen the color.  My dear husband doesn't like it much, the way the bird almost merges with the deep background, but I rather do.  I guess in this case I only need to please myself.


Charlene Brown said...

The effect you created in the rocks looks great! Thank you for telling us how you achieved it. I've always thought puffins have a wonderfully unique appearance -- but I've never seen them in the wild so didn't know they have a unique smell as well!

Barbara said...

I love your puffin - especially the way he pops through the dark cave!

p.s. I remembered my user name. Now you have my comment here AND on Facebook :)

Sally Evans said...

he almost loooks to be posing for you :)