Friday, June 4, 2010


5x7 inches, watercolor in Moleskine notebook, painted for a challenge at Paint and Draw Together

How did being retired get so busy?  At least in arty things, I've been scrambling.  I entered a watercolor of a fish in a juried show at the Hardy Gallery in Door County, had to deliver it two hundred miles mile last Friday, and am waiting to hear if it gets to stay there longer or if I need to have my sister-in-law collect it for me.  I also have a couple plein aire paintings from 2008 at the Beloit Fine Arts Incubator, and had to frame one and get both delivered last Thursday.  There's a reception tonight that I'm not going to make.  A good friend had a reception for her solo show at the Monroe Art Center last night, so we drove out there.  There is a little commission I have started, and need to finish, but haven't mostly because the studio has been so darned hot.  The weather has cooled down some, so it's not so bad working up there today, hence this little watercolor for an online challenge.

The strawberry puts me in the mood to make strawberry rhubarb pie.  Sister-in-law gave me a pick pile of rhubarb stalks, and I made sauce, but still have some left.  It may be time to bake.

UPDATE - I was juried into the Hardy show!  Time for pie.  


JoAnn said...

Love your strawberry! So realistic. We are at the height of strawberry season here in Delmarva and I am loving every bite.

How did retirement get so busy? Because people with lots of interests fill up every minute. I have been doing it for 33 years, since I "retired".

laura said...

Wow, how'd I miss this. What a gorgeous little painting ... it makes me think of Dutch painters: the precise, homey subject, the dark background.
I visited the challenge's blog and hope to join. I like the advice on critiquing.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on being juried into that show!

Thanks for letting us know about these art projects. I hope to participate in this one too.