Monday, August 2, 2010

Dazed and Confused by Summer Speeding Past

I haven't posted in ages, but not because things haven't been happening.  We had a drought.  We have rain, humidity and a rising river.  Crab grass is crawling across the yard, and the flowers look pretty much exhausted.

I have been putting together a couple online family trees, complete with photos old and new, and inviting people to look at them and help by adding pictures and making corrections.  Limited success here. I have discovered and solved some mysteries about our family stories.

I've hosted my local book group (The Lace Reader), cleaned like a mad woman, and even prepared food!  I haven't read much.

I dropped my figure painting class in Madison and added a figure drawing studio in Whitewater.  I keep meaning to paint, but then don't.

There have been family memorials and weddings.

We've taken a couple little trips, including a fun "mini cruise" from Manitowoc, WI, to Ludington, MI, on an old car ferry, the S.S. Badger.

We didn't take out car, but instead parked the Saturn in Manitowoc and just boarded the ferry with our bicycles.  The  trip takes four hours.  We stayed over night in Michigan, then rode our bikes back to the ferry and returned the next day.  It was lots of fun.  

Then we drove up to Door County to Dick's sister and brother-in-law's house.  They had never ridden through Peninsula State Park, so we did that together.  I remembered the beautiful scenery, trees, water, lighthouses, but had forgotten the hills.  I managed to fall of my bike at a place where the gravel trail met the asphalt road on a hill.  Not much blood or hide was sacrificed, but a good amount of dignity was abandoned.

So, tonight is figure drawing and I should get my act together and give it a go.

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Jan (in Edmonds) said...

Sherry -- Have enjoyed viewing the paintings and photos you've posted to your blog. Very nice!