Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Figure Study Work

 My art goal for this summer was to work on drawing through direct observation, especially figures.  To get ready for the studio time I planned, I did a week of quick drawing using Posemaniacs.  I did four 30 second drawings, and four three-minute drawing every day for a week.  These are a couple pages from my sketchbook.

I originally signed up for a figure painting studio in Madison on Sunday mornings.  I went about three times, but dropped out because the drive was longer than I wanted (and filled with construction detours), and I didn't like the single-pose format.  Then I was happy to have the opportunity to join an established life drawing group in Whitewater on Monday evenings.  This was better - a shorter drive, a congenial group, and a drawing format with multiple poses that I enjoyed.

The artists on Monday evening use a variety of media, and most are very detailed and realistic.  I treat the evening as an exercise and don't slave over what I draw.  We have had a variety of models, men and women, of various sizes and shapes.  What they have in common is confidence, stamina, and godd will.  I always leave feeling satisfied with the time spent, if not thrilled with my results.  All work was done in a large ring bound sketchbook.

Tonight is the last one of the summer session, and I think I'll wait until next summer to return, just because I don't enjoy driving home in the dark. 


Sadami said...

Dear Sherry,
Good work!! All your drawings look great and very interesting. Thank you for sharing them.
Kind regards, Sadami

Judybec said...

Excellent sketches Sherry!-- I'm so glad I stopped by -- haven't had much time to visit my favorite blogs lately