Friday, January 21, 2011

Exploring, and Getting Lost

I'm still plugging away at this acrylic painting that is supposed to exemplify the spirit of exploration, optimism, and so on in connection with Roy Chapman Andrews.  I liked the idea of the camel train, but am far more familiar with cows than camels, and it showed.  So taking a deep breath, I sent them to the background and added an illustration of one of the dinosaurs Andrews and his expedition in the Gobi desert uncovered in the 1920s. 

Reading about Andrews is really interesting and fun, and I learned that the dinosaur eggs he found are in the Logan museum in Beloit.  I'm going to have to check that out, but not until two things happen.  First it has to warm up.  It is COLD this week, and staying inside reading and painting appeals to me way more than heading out in the winter weather.  Second, I need to resolve problems with this painting.  I may have gotten a little too much input from art friends yesterday.   I sought suggestion about ways to make this a more powerful statement, and tie all the disparate elements together.  Then in general conversation with a former art teacher, the point came up that the directions for the contest had to do with the spirit of adventure, not necessarily an illustration of Roy Andrews' life.  Well fine, I'm sticking with what I started.  But there is that niggling little voice in the middle of my brain whispering - this isn't what they want...

I shall forge ahead anyway.

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