Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Having Faith. or Not

5x7 inches, paper collage

I'm not sure where this image came from.  The blonde on the stairs  was a page from a small paperback tabloid from 1953, and there are lots more '50s style cheesecake photos from which to choose later on.  The image of Adams and Eve was from a discarded library book, and the bobcat and chipmunk were in an old elementary school science text.  I just started layering and arranging and this was what emerged.  

Last night just before bed I opened an email from the reporter who wrote about me and my artwork, saying that the article would be in today's newspaper.  This did not make falling asleep easy.  All I could do was remind myself that it was done and out of my hands.  This morning I retrieved the Gazette off the snowy step and took a deep breath.  There it was, on the front page.  The good news?  The photos turned out fine, and the article made more sense than I remember making in the interview.  There was nothing that would annoy other artists in town (I hope).  In short, there was nothing over which to lose sleep, and I have been hearing from friends all day.  Looks like I needed to have a little more faith.

I also acted on an issue that had been bothering me for several weeks.  A local animal rescue group is sponsoring a fund raiser January 22, and has been soliciting art for the one day event.  The original application was due before Christmas, and because the organization required a $50 entry fee and a piece of art for their silent auction I decided not to participate.  There were other issues.  I don't have display boards because I don't usually do art fairs. I rely instead on selling to individuals and through a local gallery.  Right now I don't have enough framed work to make much of a showing, and my emphasis is not on animal art.  Then there is the issue of a very sluggish local art market, especially for framed pieces.  Sales have been slow for professionals and nonprofessionals alike, and I didn't like the idea of spending a whole day at a table and being lucky to get back the entry fee, much less come out ahead financially.  But then I got a telephone call asking me to reconsider, and an email.  Obviously these folks needed more local artist participation.  But my original concern remained, and I just could  commit to the event.   Still, I wanted to help, so I donated a couple framed pieces that need a new home.  I hope that will help the group (and hungry critters)  and salve my conscience.  It'll make a little more room in the closet anyway.

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