Friday, May 6, 2011

A Beautiful Morning

Spring has finally arrived in southern Wisconsin, with trees beginning to bloom, grass (and weeds) springing up, and people shedding their heavy coats.  I decided to head to Beloit, ten miles south, to scout out places to paint next month.  The Rock River is high, but behaving itself pretty well so far, not like in 2008 when it flooded and caused millions of dollars in damage.

Redbud, crab apples, pear trees, all are in bloom, just in time for Mothers Day this weekend.

The Canada geese are apparently guarding their nests, because they were in a testy mood as I walked along Riverfront Park.  They hissed and assumed threatening postures, but never really caused me any trouble.

This old tree was the subject of a minor uproar last fall when it was trimmed back by the parks department.  I may paint it again, just not from an angle that shows the amputated low overhanging limbs.

Nobody was out in the paddle boats yet, but the water was so blue against the yellow plastic boats that I had to stop for a photo.

Yes, it was a nice morning, for a walk, or for getting out a fishing pole and spending time with a buddy.

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