Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Suffering Withdrawal

This week the folks who run a local consignment shop downtown are in France visiting their daughter, so the shop isn't open. I stop in several times a week to catch up on news, chat with the regulars and see what treasures are there to be seen.  The owner also is generous with cups of free coffee, so I support my caffeine habit there as well.  I'm missing my hangout while it is closed this week, though I'm happy they are taking a rare vacation.

One of the things I enjoy is just looking at the constantly changing collections of odds and ends, books, housewares, glass, dolls, china plates, post cards, all sorts of things.  Individually few are really impressive, but collected and massed on shelves, I love to look at them.  These oriental dolls and figurines appealed to me.

I have never wanted to collect miniature horses, but collected together on the shelf, I thought perhaps I'd paint them at some point.  Or maybe not. 

If anyone who reads this has the urge to use these pictures as a photo reference for sketching or painting, please feel free.  I'd love to see what you do.

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